Ritmo y Danzas de Panama arose from the wise intentions of its founders, Jairo and Yorlenis, those with the most busily ideas separated by distance but united in the same vocation to manifest artistic expressions of patriotic feelings.  A group to fill the highest standards, conditions and requirements that deserve our Panamanian immigrant population in the United States and around the world.  Thus, continuing to enhance Panama’s folklore who is considered one of the richest for its music, dances, costumes and history.

The group was founded in 1998 in New Jersey under the name of Ballet Folklorico Estrellas de Panama and later changed its name to Conjunto de Proyecciones Folkloricas Ritmo y Danzas de Panama.  We are composed of a diverse group of men and women of different ages but not limited to Panamanians only.

Artistic Director

Jon Jairo Jovany was born in La Chorrera, Panamá, Republic of Panama.  He began folkloric dancing at the age of 4 and as musician at the age of 13.  He plays accordion, drums and all folkloric instruments.  He is a graduate of the National Institute of Art and Culture of Panama and of The Paulino College de San Jose Afro-American Pastoral Academy in Colon, Republic of Panamá.


Ritmo y Danzas de Panama is devoted to enhancing, preserving, teaching and promoting the Panamanian folkloric culture through its music, dances and costumes.


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